On Neon


Mª José Gutiérrez, in charge of OnNEON, approached de neon world during the ’90s. She learned the technique of blown glass in Madrid. Sensing the artistic possibilities the material offered, she decided to study Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca between the years 1995 and 2000. Her subsequent job at “Regui” (Vitoria, Spain) helped her to learn to work the neon on an industrial basis and to improve her technical skills.

This interest in glass took the form of numerous artistic exhibitions where neon was either the basic material, or the only material used in the work. She has exhibited at the Bilbao Museum for Sacred Art, the Badajoz Museum of Fine Arts, at Lucía Bosé’s Museo de los Ángeles at Turégano (Segovia, Spain), at the Palacio de la Isla (Cáceres, Spain) and at the Palacio de la Diputación (Palace of the County Council) of Badajoz, Spain.

In the year 2004 she carried out her “Kaos” installation for the restaurant “Koffee Art”, now “La Turba”, at Conde Xiquena street in Madrid, where it continues to illuminate the main lounge.

At the moment her work is centered in the design of neon lamp-sculptures, that add a different and amusing touch to common spaces, due to the variety of light colors as well as the neon forms.